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Riverbed Support for Ocedo Customers

Riverbed is excited to welcome Ocedo customers to its Riverbed Support community. You can get support for your Ocedo product, now SteelConnect, in 3 ways:

  1. Email: support@riverbed.com
  2. Phone: Visit the Contact Support page for a number closest to your location.
  3. Online: Submit a Case through the Riverbed Support site. Note, this requires a support account.

Riverbed Support Site

We encourage customers to register for a Riverbed Support account. An account will allow you to manage your account information, submit cases online, access extensive knowledge articles and upgrade to the latest version of software related to your account. To learn more about the Riverbed Support site, we encourage you to read the Getting Started Page.

Knowledge Base:

Former Ocedo “Feature Peek” and “How-To’s” articles have been converted to Knowledge Base (KB) articles. You can find a list of all KB available articles under the SteelConnect category.

For more details, read Ocedo Support FAQ

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